Julia Franklin's artwork has been featured in a number of publications.  Click on one of the features below to read more about her awards, exhibitions, specific works, and artist talks.  

2018 Iowa Artist Fellows pic.JPG

Jeff Morgan from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs interviews Julia for a series of Meet the Artist.

Iowa Arts Council

The Iowa Arts Council names 5 New Iowa Artist Fellows.  Read about the competitive program, get to know the recipients, and learn about the award details.

The Tower - Graceland University

Matt Moore, arts writer, interviews Julia on her vulnerable past and on her new exhibition, Picking Up the Pieces.

Graceland University

Jennifer McBroom interviews Julia on the impacts of the Iowa Artist Fellowship and provides highlights of the prestigious program. 

The Simpsonian -Simpson College

Jonathan Facio reviews Julia's exhibition at the Farnham Galleries, Picking Up the Pieces, and explores death and memory in her visual memoir.

Daily Palette - University of Iowa

Read a feature about Julia's work in the The Daily Palette, a project by the School of Art & Art History at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. 

The Tower - Graceland University

Jacob Boles reviews The Skin Show, a collaborative exhibition in the Constance Gallery by Rachel Buse, Julia Franklin, and Tiffany Sinnott.